Chase has been pushing the arts of Parkour and Free Running since they first came to the UK over 15 years ago. 

Chase is known as a pioneer in the sport and has shared inspiration across the globe through his personal and professional projects.


Chase Armitage is the founder of the world famous Parkour Team 3RUN.

Chase and 3RUN travel the world working on feature films, commercials, live shows, promotional events and producing their own mind bending films and commercials.

Having a strong background in Chinese martial arts, Chase is multiple times British champion. He also has the Guinness world record for the farthest back flip off a wall over a moving car! 

“I literally love everything I do, I have never even considered it as work, it’s my passion. When your doing what you love you give it your all, it allows you to be creative and free. It’s all about progression for me, to better my previous work and explore new possibilities. Most importantly, it’s got to be fun!”


Chase Armitage & 3RUN are widely recognised as the go to Parkour Athletes for media assignments. With lead and action roles in films including ‘Beat the World’ and ‘Death Race 2’, performances in major blockbuster movies such as the James Bond, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean franchises. 

parkour services


Chase has assisted entire movie projects from start to finish looking after the action choreography, making sure the action is always pumping and feeling alive…

director / film maker

Interactive live performances are Colin’s trademark. erformance can be tailored towards your event or promotional objectives or sponsorship activation.


Chase has been recruited to provide onset support & advice to actors. He also has hosted small group training sessions to specialist clients.

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